Notice for book list

Please notice that this book list is just a collection of titles on iaido and related arts. We do not sell these or any other items.

The idea of this list is to make a comprehensive list of iaido books to help people search for interesting titles. Your local bookseller, antiquarian bookshop or internet should be able to help you locate the item, if it is available. You will find some helpful addresses at the end of this notice.

Unfortunately most books on this list are out of print but if you are in luck, you may still find some in antiquarian bookshops.

To make this list even more comprehensive, we would be very happy if you could send us any additional titles on iaido you know of.

Here you have some web addresses to assist you in your hunt:
  • Amazon
    English language books you can try to locate via Amazon. The Web address is:

  • Kinokuniya
    Japanese language books you can try to search by using the Kinokuniya BookWeb. In this case you should understand and be able to write Japanese with your browser.

    Please note: if you want to order Japanese books through the Kinokuniya BookWeb, you will first have to join the club. You will find instructions (in Japanese) on page:

    This address you can use without membership. Just enter the author or the bookname in hiragana.

  • Mugendo Budogu
    Mr. Peter Boylan, who used to live and train budo in Japan, has still contacts there. If you want to get books still in print you can contact his company, which is selling budo equipment. Their Web-page you will find at:

    Peter’s e-mail address is:
Thank you for your interest and help.

Pasi Hellstén & Henrik Furstenberg