Iaidio mail lists

Mail list in Finnish

Finnish Iaido Federation upkeeps a Finnish mail list which is used as a forum for iaido seminars, selling of used equipment and giving answers to iaido related questions.

You can join the list and drop out of it from
From this same address you’ll find an archive of old posts.

If you experience any difficulties with the list, contact Jussi Jussila in Jyväskylä.

To send e-mail to Finnish Iaido Federations mail list, use the address below.

English forum for budo

World wide mailing list in English
The big name of the Western iaido world, Canadian Kim Taylor, put up years ago an English language postlist, the Iaido-L, for discussion of iaido and related arts.

To subscribe to the Iaido-L, please send an electronic mail message to:
Listserv@listserv.uoguelph.CA, that says only: SUBSCRIBE IAIDO-L (Your Name)

For more information, please contact the list owner at

Please note the two different addresses:
  • iaido[at]uoguelph.ca is the list owner mailbox while
  • iaido-l[at]listserv.uoguelph.ca is the discussion list
You can reach the archives of this list on the web at